deutsch: lyotrop
español: liotrópico
français: lyotrope (cristal liquide)
italiano: liotropico
中文: 溶致的
русский: лиотропный

Multilingual plastics terminology dictionary. 2013.

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  • Lyotropic — A material is called lyotropic if it forms liquid crystal phases because of the addition of a solvent. Historically the term was used to describe materials composed of amphiphilic molecules. Such molecules comprise a water loving hydrophilic head …   Wikipedia

  • lyotropic — /luy euh trop ik, troh pik/, adj. Physical Chem. noting any series of ions, salts, or radicals arranged in descending order relative to the magnitude of their effect on a given solvent. [1920 25; lyo (see LYOPHILIC) + TROPIC] * * * …   Universalium

  • lyotropic — adjective describing a liquid crystal that exhibits phase transitions as a function of concentration …   Wiktionary

  • lyotropic — SYN: lyophilic. [lyo + G. trope, a turning] * * * lyo·tro·pic .lī ə trō pik, träp ik adj of, relating to, or being a liquid crystal that is prepared by mixing two substances of which one (as water) is polar in nature and that may assume a series… …   Medical dictionary

  • lyotropic — ly·o·trop·ic …   English syllables

  • lyotropic — |līə|träpik adjective Etymology: lyo + tropic : relating to or dependent on the forces existing between components in a solution and not on their properties as individuals …   Useful english dictionary

  • lyotropic series — n HOFMEISTER SERIES * * * Hofmeister s …   Medical dictionary

  • lyotropic liquid crystals —  Lyotropic Liquid Crystals  Лиотропные жидкие кристаллы   Смесь двух или более компонентов, одним из которых является дифильная(ые) молекула(ы), а другим – вода или полярный растворитель, или их смесь. Дифильные молекулы, как правило, плохо… …   Толковый англо-русский словарь по нанотехнологии. - М.

  • Lyotropic liquid crystal — A liquid crystalline material is called lyotropic if phases having long ranged orientational order are induced by the addition of a solvent. Historically the term was used to describe materials composed of amphiphilic molecules. Such molecules… …   Wikipedia

  • lyotropic series — liotropinė eilė statusas T sritis chemija apibrėžtis Jonų eilė, sudaryta pagal jų poveikį tirpikliui. atitikmenys: angl. lyotropic series rus. лиотропный ряд …   Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • lyotropic series — A listing of anions and cations in order of their effect on protein solubility (tendency to cause salting out). Essentially a competition between the protein and the ion for water molecules for hydration …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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